Ireland’s Golfing Charms: From Dublin to Dingle

Ireland, a land of enchanting landscapes and warm hospitality, is also a golfing paradise that beckons enthusiasts from around the globe. From the vibrant city of Dublin to the Golf Courses in the UK rugged beauty of Dingle, Ireland offers a wide range of golfing experiences that showcase the country’s natural beauty and golfing prowess. In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to explore Ireland’s golfing charms, from its bustling urban courses to its serene coastal links.


Ireland’s golfing heritage is as rich and varied as its history and culture. The country’s golf courses are renowned for their beauty, design, and the genuine Irish welcome extended to all who come to play.

Ireland: A Golfer’s Delight

Ireland’s golf courses are diverse, with some situated in bustling cities and others in remote coastal areas, but all share a common thread of natural beauty and a love for the game.

Portmarnock Golf Club: Dublin’s Golf Gem

Portmarnock Golf Club, located just north of Dublin, is a historic links course that has been welcoming golfers since 1894.

The Links Heritage

Portmarnock is renowned for its traditional links layout and challenging conditions. It has hosted multiple Irish Open Championships, attracting top golfers from around the world.

Royal Dublin Golf Club: Island Elegance

Royal Dublin Golf Club, situated on Bull Island, is an oasis of tranquility just minutes from the bustling heart of Dublin.

The Island Sanctuary

This links course is known for its narrow fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and spectacular views of Dublin Bay.

Lahinch Golf Club: Wild Atlantic Majesty

Lahinch, located on Ireland’s stunning west coast, is a natural links course that captivates golfers with its raw beauty.

Surf and Turf

Lahinch offers golfers a unique experience, where the wild Atlantic Ocean provides both the backdrop and the challenge.

Ballybunion Golf Club: A Golfer’s Pilgrimage

Ballybunion, on the southwest coast of Ireland, is a revered links course that attracts golfers seeking a true golfing pilgrimage.

The Old Course

The Old Course at Ballybunion is famous for its towering dunes, undulating fairways, and challenging holes that test every aspect of a golfer’s game.

Dingle Golf Links: Coastal Serenity

Dingle Golf Links, nestled on the picturesque Dingle Peninsula, offers golfers a serene escape amidst breathtaking coastal scenery.

The Beauty of the Peninsula

Golfers at Dingle can enjoy sweeping views of the Blasket Islands and the dramatic cliffs of the peninsula as they play along the coast.


Ireland’s golfing charms are as diverse as its landscapes, from the urban sophistication of Dublin’s courses to the untamed beauty of Dingle. Whether you’re teeing off at Portmarnock, savoring the elegance of Royal Dublin, embracing the majesty of Lahinch, making a pilgrimage to Ballybunion, or finding serenity at Dingle, Ireland’s golf courses promise a golfing journey that blends natural wonder with golfing excellence.

As you explore these golfing gems, you’ll not only experience the magic of Ireland’s landscapes but also the warmth of its people—a combination that ensures your golfing adventure will be truly unforgettable.