Vietnam Team Finds Fair Competition Again


However, France Football still needs to respect history because the Golden Ball has long been awarded only after voting from journalists around the world. After 2 years of defeat against 2up Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi returned with the 5th Golden Ball of his career. With 37 goals, 19 assists and a treble with Barcelona last season, no one is more deserving than Alexia Putellas to win The Best 2021 award. Previously, the captain of Barca Femini was also awarded the World Professional Footballers’ Association. (IFFHS) was honored in the best female player category and is the reigning Women’s Golden Ball awarded by France Football. However, this was a controversial victory for “El Pulga”, because he did not have a collective title, and was even the one who missed the penalty kick that caused Barca to fall in the semi-finals of the Champions League. The Argentine striker’s victory in 2015 was convincing, because he had 5 titles with Barcelona and was runner-up in the Copa America.

Messi started his journey to conquer the record of winning the Golden Ball in 2009. With the 6th trophy with Barca, “El Pulga” finished with more than 2 times more points than his competitor Cristiano Ronaldo ( 473 vs 233 points). During The Best 2021 gala night, FIFA awarded 2 special awards, one of which belonged to Cristiano Ronaldo. Lewy just had a perfect run for The Best gala with a hat-trick against Cologne, and became the second player in history, after Gerd Muller, to reach the 300-goal mark in the German National Championship. Due to the epidemic situation, fans were not able to witness the exciting atmosphere of the awards gala organized by FIFA. Tottenham also only played 1 of the last 3 rounds when the whole team was greatly affected by the epidemic. Many people said they are ready to play again from September this year, instead of playing when the Covid-19 epidemic has not been completely controlled. In the 2021 Golden Ball race, Messi was ranked number one by 59 out of 180 participating journalists, 12 more than Lewandowski.

Detailed results of the ballots of 180 journalists around the world participating in voting for the 2021 Golden Ball winner were announced. Lionel Messi also did not appear in the Portuguese writer’s ballot. These words also reached Lewandowski’s ears. The Polish striker said he hoped what Messi said was sincere. In 2020, Lewandowski won convincingly, but this year, the Polish striker is only 4 points ahead of next-place Messi. Sharing about this milestone, the Polish player said: “I didn’t expect to score so many goals.” So it is likely that coach Pioli will let Giroud start in this derby. AC Milan is also a team that can play counter-attacks very well and this match promises to be open. He set a world record with 91 goals in a calendar year, along with 22 assists. Since the award’s inception in 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo is the record holder with two honors, Lionel Messi, Lewandowski, and Modric have each received the award once.

This is the position that brings him 6 points with each vote. This is also the first time since the inception of this award, the owner of The Best and the winner of the Golden Ball are not the same person. This is also the second Golden Ball in the Argentine striker’s career. We invite readers to follow Vietnam Television’s broadcast programs on TV Online! Lewandowski received The Best award – Best male player of 2021 from the legendary Oliver Kahn. Lewandowski became the next player, after Cristiano Ronaldo, to win the FIFA The Best award for two consecutive years. Since the launch of the FIFA The Best award in 2016, the owners of this award have all been players who previously won the Golden Ball of France Football. He shared on the Sunday Times: “I’m glad that the tournament was finally postponed. But why did we have to wait so long? Why are people still so indifferent to the increasing number of infections?” up. Leicester City doesn’t have enough players. Arsenal and other teams are also affected. Yet they still think the teams are still ready to play. It feels like we (the players) are just animals. “Guinea pigs in the lab.”  Datahas ​been g​enerat​ed ​by GSA Content Generator Demov ersion.